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Interactive Voice Response

IVR interactive voice response Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading IVR technology provider. DSC has provided IVR applications to a wide variety of clients and industries. Since 1978, Database Systems Corp. has been reliable developer of computer technology solutions including applications software and computer phone systems.

Interactive Voice Response, commonly refered to as IVR, is automated call answering technology. An IVR answers a phone call rather than a human and allows the caller to obtain information or interact with a computer system to perform transactions. DSC IVR technology incorporates PC technology along with computer telephony components perform this function.

The CARE (Call Reassurance) calling program utilizes IVR technology to process calls that are sent to senior citizens to ensure they are OK. DSC technology calls these seniors based upon the schedules specified in their enrollment profile and accepts phone keypad input to acknowledge that they are OK. This technology likewise is used during the notification process when calling the appropriate emergency contac(s) if the senior call is not acknowledged.

Contact DSC to learn more about our CARE (Call Reassurance) calling service with interactive voice response technology.

Surprise, Arizona, CARE (Call Reassurance)

"The Surprise Police Department, in partnership with the community, is committed to providing fair and equal treatment, while improving the quality of life through our dedication to community policing and delivery of progressive crime prevention and protection."

The Surprise Police Department purchased a CARE (Call Reassurance) phone system from Database Systems Corp. This system incorporates DSC's integrated IVR function that provides senior citizens from the town of Surprise, AZ, with call reassurance service. Citizens in Surprise can be called daily to ensure their well-being.

Interactive Voice Response and CARE (Call Reassurance)

ivr technology in CARE IVR software is embedded within the CARE calling system when processsing phone keypad responses from the call recipient. IVR is also used in other functions within the telephone reassurance program.

The CARE Interactive Voice Response IVR automatically answers phone calls to acknowledge and identify a senior that is OK. This option is known as the CARE "I'm OK" feature. The I'm OK CARE option reverses the traditional telephony reassurance process. Senior subscribers call an automated call answering system on a periodic basis. The CARE IVR uses the Caller ID to identify the subscriber. If the senior calls from a different phone, the CARE system prompts them to enter their home (or cell) phone number.

Latchkey children and their family members can also use the IVR software feature of CARE to automatically suspend and restart service without having to speak with a CARE center administrator.

Contact Information

Contact DSC to learn more about our CARE senior calling program that uses our interactive voice response technology and IVR systems (IVRS).